Architectural Modifications

Tapestry on Central celebrates our unit owners that remodel their homes! Since 2005, when our community first opened, we have had many people change their home from the form it originally was, with some remodels winning critical acclaim from the design community. If you’re interested in remodeling your unit, we have some guidelines to follow to make sure everything goes smoothly.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Before you begin your remodeling project, please make sure you’re current on your HOA dues and have a copy of your homeowner’s insurance on file with the Management Office. HOA policy requires Unit Owners to have at least $250,000 general liability coverage on their unit. Depending on the scope of your remodel, you will be required to file an Architectural Modification form with the Board.

WHAT CAN I REMODEL? As a multi-family midrise building, there are some elements of the building that cannot be moved, like load-bearing walls or drain/waste/vent plumbing pipes that may come from units above yours. Patios cannot be remodeled as those are defined as “limited common elements,” meaning those are under the jurisdiction of the HOA, even though they are for your unit’s use. Additionally, any penetrations into the stucco or brick may impact the watertight envelope of the building. The hallway side of your main unit door must also remain as is as that is a part of the hallway. Other than that, your budget is the limit!

DO I NEED TO SUBMIT AN ARCHITECTURAL MODIFICATION FORM? You need to submit an architectural modification form if you’re changing the floor surface in your unit. Because of Tapestry’s construction with post-tension reinforced concrete, sound can travel throughout the building. Any floor must have an sound-attenuating underlayment installed, even if the final floor surface is carpet. If you’re doing things like painting, replacing a lighting fixture, or even changing cabinets, you do not need to submit an architectural modification.

DOES THE HOA RECOMMEND DESIGNERS OR CONTRACTORS? The HOA does not recommend individual designers or contractors. We do, however, require all contractors to carry $1,000,000 general liability insurance and be licensed to work in commercial buildings.

Ready to submit your architectural modification form? Click on the page icon below to download the form and return it to the Management Office.

Tapestry Architectural Modification Request - Form Page 1