President’s Column: March 2019


Very soon you will receive, either by mail, in person or on our website three new written consent forms. These will look very similar to the consent form you signed to support our settlement agreement and purchase the commercial units. You, the membership, have taken a giant step toward revitalizing Tapestry by approving this agreement. Your board now needs the necessary tools to make purchase of the commercial units a success. All three of the written consents relate directly to our ability to lease or sell these units. Please look for your forms or get them from Howard and vote yes so we can make the money spent on the agreement work in our best interest. (Click here to read a quick summary of what each consent involves.)

We will have a board meeting to further explain these three consents. The Board needs everyone who voted to settle the lawsuit and purchase the commercial units to support this next step by approving these consents. They are necessary tools for your Board to move the commercial properties forward.

In other news…
The board recently attended HOA board training to become more knowledgeable in an effort to better serve our community.

We are reaching out to our neighbors to establish relationships and possible business linkages. We have established a relationship with the Heard Museum and the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) at the executive director level. Possibilities exist for us to work together in the areas of security, IT, parking, commercial space availability, and sharing of events and news via our respective newsletters. You are encouraged to attend events and to warmly greet our neighbors. Tapestry should lead by example to further develop our community.

It has come to our attention that the all-glass high rise building at 2020 N. Central, just south of us, and its major occupant, CBRE Facility Source, are asking for a variance for a commercial sign. The proposed sign would be on top of the building facing north toward Tapestry, be illuminated and 80 feet in length. There will be a public zoning hearing at 9 a.m. Thursday, March 14 at Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St., Assembly Room C. If you can attend to offer comments, it would be of great help to those concerned with the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Recent board activity
The board has taken action on a variety of topics. For more info on the topics and actions as well as topics the board will be addressing soon, click here.

Parting thoughts
As you can see, we are trying to move Tapestry forward into a new and exciting era. Tapestry is truly a great place to live and making our place safe, functional, and beautiful is all of our responsibility. Please come to our meetings; they are informative, fun and short. Be in the know and be a part of Tapestry on Central.

President’s Column: February 2019

This will be brief, however, I would like to make sure we all have a few basic facts regarding this fast-paced time for our community. First, please join me in congratulating those newly elected to our board and thanking those continuing their service.

Empowering the board
There is much to do and timing is all-important. Shortly you will be asked to provide this new board with the tools we’ll need to make our commercial spaces viable. You have overwhelmingly affirmed your support for the settlement and purchase agreement of the commercial units (235 for and 2 against). Now we need to empower the board to be able to sell these units when the time is right without having to wait to run an election and tabulate votes from the full membership. Envision if you wanted to sell your home and in order to do so it required consent by 80% of all members here at Tapestry. This delay would negate most deals as prospective buyers would move on to other options. We need to avoid this problem if the right opportunity comes along to sell a commercial unit. Of course, we will provide proper guidelines and parameters for this action but once we do, we will ask you for your vote to allow the board the authority to advance the HOA financial priorities when opportunities surface. Watch for more on this.

Leasing agency chosen
As announced at our last meeting, Clear Commercial has been selected to handle the lease and/or sale of our commercial spaces and there is already interest from prospective businesses. There will likely be news on this front soon, so stay turned to the newsletter for some upcoming announcements!

Board meeting changes
This board, with three new members, will need to quickly learn to work together to make sure we have good teamwork with proper and timely handling of our duties. Look for some changes in board meeting structure soon…the purpose here is to be transparent and to gain total board input and approval for important matters without delays. These changes will be in the form of open sessions with specific agendas to allow the board to meet and be in compliance with our rules and regulations. There are three meetings set for February. Future meetings will be posted as they’re scheduled.

Up next
Lastly, we are looking at some other changes:
1) We will be discussing establishing a few committees. More information on this and how you might serve will be coming soon.

2) Improvements to this newsletter…perhaps a Q&A where questions can be answered for the benefit of all readers or having this column written by different board members to get more perspectives.

3) We will be looking at upgrades to our elevators and entrances to improve safety and functionality.

More later but I promised to be brief. Thanks for your support and interest.