Community Life

Can I park in the commercial spaces or have my visitors park there?

The commercial parking spaces behind Building C and the spaces before the gate in the basement parking garage are for the use of our commercial spaces daily between 7am and 7pm. Residents are encouraged to park in their assigned parking. Visitors and contractors should park on the street where parking is first-come-first-serve.

Is there anyone that has a parking space they are not using or are there extra to rent?

Some unit owners have extra parking spaces they may wish to rent out to other units but this is a private arrangement between unit owners. There are no additional parking spaces available from the HOA.

Is there a mailroom to deliver packages until homeowner can pick them up?

Each building has a mailroom for US Postal Service mail and packages. For deliveries from other carriers, including Amazon, there is no central point for their couriers to deposit packages. UPS, FedEx, and OnTrac have codes to access the residential buildings and leave packages outside each unit.

The Association does not accept packages on behalf of unit owners and residents.

Are there dog breed restrictions?

Unit owners can have up to two dogs per unit up to 40 pounds each; there are no breed restrictions. Residents leasing their units should talk to their landlord about your specific restrictions, if any.

Why won’t my fob work on the other buildings?

Because Tapestry is three separate buildings, fobs only work for the buildings in which you own a unit, the pool, and the garage. If you need access to another building, please contact the Management Office.

Where can I store my bicycle?

As bicycles cannot be stored on your patios, there are two locked rooms for bicycle parking available in the garage. Contact the Management Office at (602) 682-5986 for registration details.

Are there storage lockers on the premises?

There are no separate storage facilities available for Tapestry owners and residents.